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If you’re reading this, you’re one of us.
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You’re the one realizing that the usual ordinary job doesn’t give you that much security and profit any more.
You’re the one seeing that hundreds of people all over the globe are becoming very wealthy every day thanks to their own ventures.
You’re the one looking for alternative ways of making money.

According to the recent survey by McKinsey Global Institute, up to 162 million people across Europe and the United States (which is 20-30% of the whole working age population) are involved in some kind of independent work.

If you are serious about being successful, you should study success. This means you will have to change. If you do not change, you will always have what you have and be where you are. Take a look at our self-development and learning courses Here. It could change your life.


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The Miracle Tree

The Tree of Life.

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The Miracle Tree
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The internet is abuzz with drop shipping today. YouTube is full of drop ship training, some selling training for up to £2,500.00 and claiming they make six figures a year. It begs the question why bother selling training if they earn six figures a year.

It is not that easy on your own. Amazon became the biggest store online by using affiliates. Think about it, thousands of affiliates advertising Amazon for years, and Amazon did not even pay them, no Amazon even earned money from them as well. Free advertising on such a grand scale was the biggest marketing ploy in history. That was what made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.

We have taken that business model, albeit scaled down somewhat, giving you the opportunity to find affiliates. Not only can these affiliates suggest new products for the store, perhaps finding the next killer product or starting a trend, but also you will receive commissions on everyone you introduce.

Wait, does that mean we are making competition for ourselves? No, everyone’s social media is a different market producing different shares. This will greatly increase our internet presence and Google ranking. Think little Amazon.

You can register for free, you get between 20 and 50% commission on whatever customers purchace. All you have to do is share whatever product you like. You get an affiliate link to products and new members. You can even buy a product to use and show. From Apparel to Essential Oils. Nutrition to Aromatherapy and more. Something for everyone.

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Health WILL become extreemly Important

Our own Nutrition product is a plant based super food supplement. Demand will grow with what is happening health wise in the world. The advantage of this is repeat orders, like finding a new customer every month. Read on for more info on this.




Why our health has declined and how you can help.
It is a stone cold fact that helping others is the best way to grow,
both financially and spiritually.


Health problems are escalating. Why?

In the 1940s, just one out of every 16 people were stricken with cancer;
By the 1970s, that ratio fell to one in 10.

Today, almost one in three people are at risk of developing some form of cancer, (Source

Do you think COVID19 is bad? Well, there is more to come. We had SARS and MERS all corona virus, it will not stop there and unlike flue, there is never a vaccine in time and it will keep mutating.

In addition, Cancer is becoming an epidemic that will overshadow everything. The only defence is a strong immune system.

We cannot ignore this. Who will be next? Your neighbour, your friend, your family.



Since WW2, we have increased the levels of pollution and chemical food additives dramatically. Big food producers' process more of what we eat, removing a lot of beneficial nutrition, adding artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, stabelisers, preservatives and E-numbers. They are all chemicals. Lack of good nutrition hinders our immune system and chemical intake weakens it. No wonder we are getting sicker. As we age, our cells are continually dying and being replaced. Free radicals and chemicals can interfere with the formation of new cells. These corrupt cells can turn cancerous or speed up our ageing process. Good nutrition is essential to combat this problem; a healthy immune system is necessary. Evidence is beginning to emerge, like the UK 17-year-old boy going deaf and blind because of a junk food diet. (The Telegraph)



               Cancer deaths have now overtaken cardiovascular deaths in the west. (Source The Lancet). Third world diets are generally poor compared to the west, but they contain more whole foods and less chemicals.


One problem is that we do not necessarily notice the effect of bad nutrition for some time, and by then we forget the cause and it is too late. Our bodies are very forgiving, coping with the intake of poor quality food for some time. Therefore, people do not always notice the bad effect a poor diet is having. It is not good just to eat until you are full. The west has over four times the cancer deaths of the third world. Looking at the Lancet Graph, you might be wondering why the government is not doing something about it. Well, big corporations are getting more powerful than governments. Big 'Pharma' is making billions out of treating cancer, it is more profitable to treat than cure. 

What about prevention?


The Miracle Tree

The Lancet Study


Why are governments ignoring this?  Drug companies and big food processors bring in billions in revenue and lobby governments. YOU are unimportant. We have to fight back!!!



Diabetes leads to hundreds of leg, toe or foot amputations every week in England, according to new analysis by the charity Diabetes UK. Source Sky News.

It is well known that the US leads the world in junk food. That is one of the reasons why Covid19 has claimed thousands lives in the US, by far the highest number in the world. While Thailand had just a fraction of the cases. So,  Does Diet Matter? It seems that way and while it is virtually impossible not to eat something from out of a packet these days. Even if you buy a lot of fresh veg and fruit, it is probably full of pesticides. Not all-organic food is truly organic. In addition, with the volume of pollution today it must be difficult to produce true organic food. 

The answer?

Just Google 'most nutrient dense plant on Earth'.
Try to avoid as much processed food as you can obviously. Take Moringa to make up for any nutrition missing in your diet.
India's ancient tradition of Ayurveda medicine treats the body not the illness. Our body is quite capable of fighting illness if it has the correct nutrition.

Good health for under £2.80 a week. See all the benefits of Moringa.



The Holistic Approach
The right product
The right market
The right time

The Miracle Tree

It is said that Moringa has more nutrition than any other plant on earth. There has never been a greater need for a Natural Health product like this before. Moringa is remarkable in that it is drought resistant, needs little fertiliser and extremely resistant to insects. The Holistic approach, nature has given us an answer.

Moringa can bring you Health and Wealth.
See below for more details:


This amazing plant can now not only give you better health, but also an income. You can share with friends knowing you are really helping them to improve their health.


Join our Affiliate Program and earn 20-50% of retail. 
Help us make a difference to peoples lives.


Moringa may be the most nutritious plant on earth, however we also supply;


The Miracle Tree
The Miracle Tree
Hemp Oil
The Miracle Tree
Tea Tree Oil
The Miracle Tree
Neem Oil
The Miracle Tree
Moringa Oil


The Miracle Tree 

Some Moringa Benefits

The Miracle Tree


India's ancient tradition of Ayurveda healing have used Moringa
for a thousand years to help treat many conditions.
However it is NOT a medicine.


Cancer is a hidden epidemic, worse than Covid19. Here in Thailand we had far fewer cases than the west. Why? Very little processed foods. We have to open our eyes.



Chemical Preservatives

If bacteria cannot live on it, what makes you think we can?

Moringa is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years in Asia. It is virtually unknown in the UK and Europe. It is only recently that scientist have begun to test Moringa and back up the folk law. Moringa powder is made from freshly harvested leaves of the Moringa Oleifera Tree. Fresh Moringa leaf powder is in deep green colour and has a rich nutty smell. Unlike most vegetables that loose some nutrition when dried, Moringa powder retains its nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and complete amino acids. It is easily soluble in water and can be used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, which will help to improve your energy, skin, immunity, and more. The Moringa Tree is drought resistant because it produces root tubers, like the Dahlia, unusual for a tree.

(Root tubers are perennating organs, thickened roots that store nutrients and moisture over periods when the plant cannot actively grow, thus permitting survival from one year to the next. The massive enlargement of secondary roots typically represented by sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), have the internal and external cell and tissue structures of a normal root,)

The Miracle Tree

Our Saplings.


The Miracle Tree

Moringa Root Tuber.


Cancer patients surge by 20% in five years with diagnosis every 90 seconds


Almost three million people are living with cancer in Britain after rates soared by a 20% in only the last five years. A patient is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds on average, a study by Macmillan Cancer Support found. The current 2.9 million will rise to almost 3.5 million by 2025, it estimates – with health services already struggling with chronic staffing shortages.
Source The Mirror


Vitamins are chemicals


A WOMAN was forced to undergo a liver transplant after her organ failed after taking a $50 herbal supplement, her doctor believes.

Her liver specialist Doctor said "3 out of ten non disease liver failures are due to chemical vitamin supplements"
Dr Jeffrey Weinstein, who is the medical director of liver transplantation at the hospital, told the station: "Many of these are advertised as natural and healthy. I view them all as drugs and chemicals, so there should be good caution into how you use them and why you use them." The doctor also claimed between three and four out of ten cases of acute liver failure – in which the organ fails without liver disease – are linked to supplements

Source The Sun.
And yet the supplement market has doubled over the last five years and is still growing.

The Miracle Tree

We supply pure dried Moringa, no chemicals added.

The Miracle Tree

The Power of Nature.

The west has turned its back on nature, thinking chemicals are superior to nature.



People are at last becoming aware of dietary importance and natural products.
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Health and Wealth Health and Wealth

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Moringa is not a medicine, it does not cure illness. Our body cures illness,
Moringa is the fuel.