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::. The Internet of Things

Hi everyone, I expect you have heard about the free crypto mining gizmo. I thought was a scam. Actually, there is a big, big company behind it, building a global radio network for the internet of things. Seriously.

Moreover, your reward for hosting a hotspot is mining. So, for a risk free punt, it is better than the lottery. They are only giving out one per location/area. If this company succeeds, their coin, Helium, will sky rocket for sure. So check it out now. And as more join, they push up your earnings.

You receive a piece of kit called a hotspot. You just plug in to the internet, download a wallet on your phone and link it to the hotspot. This does NOT connect to your computer.


I can find out if you are eligible, just reply with your address. Or follow this link to check for yourself. It’s going to happen.

Imagine being able to get in on one of the hottest opportunities, you have EVER seen..., which takes two VERY powerful, trends and combines them for explosive growth...

Trend #1: Crypto currency...

Trend #2: Internet of Things ("IoT")...

In the next 5 years, this will be a $3 TRILLION industry... This is simply EXPLOSIVE... ...and not like ANYTHING you've ever seen and to be honest, you may well never see an opportunity this huge (even if you had to pay 1000s) in your lifetime... ...many others already have their machines and are earning daily...

No wonder they call 'em "money machines"... AND it is FREE If you haven't reserved your Hotspot and Helium Miner please go do it NOW!

Kind Regards


PS, If you want to know more, reply me or look at our page 

13 Sep 2021