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::. Stop the vitamin obsession

Hi everyone,

I have said before that vitamins are chemicals. Here is a short video showing just how bad the industry is. 

With the supplement market doubling in the last five years, it is no wonder big companies are taking over.

So many people buy vitamins off the supermarket shelves. These are all chemically made and all contain fillers like Magnesium stearate  and Magnesium Silicate plus others. A woman in the States had to have a liver transplant because of damage from a supplement. Her liver specialist Doctor said "3 out of ten non disease liver failures are due to chemical vitamin supplements" Source The Sun.

Let's try to raise awareness, perhaps the odd post per week? Offer our natural free plant based nutrient. enough people are taking vitamins, not like there is no market.

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Keep safe.



27 Apr 2021