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Hi All, 

If you want to post an item on social media with your SS link, download an image from our site and upload to your post before your link. Because when you add your link, it will search for a preview ad add an image, this never displays very well. You can then write content and add your link. You will find your main link on your dash.

Only 14% of world retail is from online sales. The internet will experience a phenomenal growth over the coming years. It is the future, and you can attract your own affiliates! That is how Jeff Bezos of Amazon became the richest man in the world. OK, that’s a bit ambitious, but you could be earning from hundreds of affiliates.

I am sure you have seen that you need pay £50.00 to upgrade. You can pay this out of your commissions from your e-wallet. Therefore, with a little time and effort you can become a full member without it costing anything. Unlike other schemes, we try to be ethical. No one can lose out. In addition, do not forget you will get commissions from new affiliates when they upgrade. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a really great day.


16 Feb 2021