Siam Solutions - Compensation


Compensation Plan


No Targets 

We have stripped out most of the extra position levels and targets, fast start, personal volume, group volume. However, we still leave you room to earn a good income with growth. Simply put, we look to reward all regardless of initial level of finantial input.

Sorry, you are not going to be a millionaire (yet), or earn £10,000 in thirty days, however you can achieve a good income reasonably quickly and long term. These exaggerations cause people to give up in disappointment, and are not achieved by the average person. We want you to continue, even if only for the sake of your own health.

Importantly, we pay 63.5% of the profit, of a four pack of Moringa Capsules, that is 25% of sale price, back in bonuses in various percentages down ten levels. Five wide x five deep can equate to £491.25 per 4 pack, for buyers personal use plus any retail on top, and training bonuses totaling £16,125.00. There are no get rich quick schemes out there. 

But you only have to purchase TWELVE bottles per year (Three Packs of Four), for your own use and benefit, not a target.


Training Bonus


Our training bonus gives you the opportunity to earn a good income while you are building your business. We want market expansion, and you want income. Therefore, we have set up to encourage everyone to sponsor deep. Important, this bonus is not paid on you're first level. It is designed to encourage you to help your down line. Train your first level to grow their business and for everyone they bring in buying products, you get a bonus. This goes down seven levels from your second to your level eight. Of course it might not happen straight away, but of course, will be achieved over time providing that you work at it. So no, we do not like to exaggerate, but you can see that you will not run out of room to earn. Once you have built to level five, you can register again to enhance your income.

See a full detailed breakdown of the compensation below, listed as per bottle but purchased in packs of four, wholesale.


There are 740 million people in Europe.


If using a mobile, turn side ways.


Bonus per 4 Pack 


 Level No.  People per Level(5x5)  Bonus      Bonus Per Level 

1                  5            £10.00               £50.00

2                 25             £0.40                £10.00

3               125             £0.20                £25.00

4               625             £0.15                £93.75

5            3,125             £0.10               £312.50

6          15,625             £0.05               £781.25

7          78,125             £0.04            £3,125.00

8        390,625             £0.03           £11,718.75

9     1,953,125             £0.02           £39,062.50

10    9,765,625             £0.01           £97,656.25

Total Per Month                            £152,835.00



Training Bonus


Level       People Per Level       Bonus            Pay-out

  1                     5                           0                           0

  2                    25                       £15               £375.00

   3                  125                         £6                £750.00

   4                  625                         £4              £2,500.00

    5               3,125                         £4             £12,500.00

    6              15,625                         £3             £45,375.00

     7              78,125                         £2            £156,250.00

     8             390,625                        £1            £390,625.00

                                                      Total            £608,375.00



 One other bonus, signup ten paid-up members in any one month and receive an extra £100.00

The Health Race, the first person to signup 100 paid-up members will receive £1,000.00 and their sponsor £200.00.


The more people you help to become healthy and wealthy, the more you will be rewarded.


The registration Bonus is there to help your income while product sales grow.

This is a business you have to build deep, to give confidence to those below you.

Moringa, Feel good, Feel healthy, Grow Wealthy.