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Dry Organic Long Natural Cinnamon Dry Cinnamon Seasoning Spice Food Essentials Delicacy.

Cinnamon is generally used to treat cold stomach, chest, vomiting, choking, rheumatoid arthritis pain, blood loss stasis, blood coccidiosis and enteric wind, etc.2.Cinnamon bark contains evaporated oil (IE cinnamon oil) 1%, and cinnamaldehyde oil, phellandrene, oil and methyl sesame oil. Cinnamon oil Energy stimulates mucosa supplements, makes excretion functions hyperactive, relieves cramp, eliminates gases in the digestive tract and inhibits abnormal intestinal fermentation GUI skin with obvious sedative and hypotensive neurological effects and at the same time has a strong bactericidal effect and different degrees fungus inhibitor.

Weight 500 g

250 gm, 500 gm


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